About Cloak of Decency

Set in London and Paris, Cloak of Decency is a pacy thriller that revolves around love, murder, blackmail, cold-hearted revenge and painful remorse.

Smooth-talking womaniser, Conor Doyle is offered one last chance to save his own neck by Russian mobster, Sergei Oblamotov, who wants him to buy a rare Picasso painting on his behalf – in cash.

Faced with the seemingly impossible task of getting the gallery to accept five million pounds in used notes, Doyle stops at nothing to pull off the daring stunt, knowing its quite simply a matter of life and death.

At the sale, he meets the seductive but callous, Francesca de Cortes, who also has a vested interest in the sale of the painting.

Straightaway Conor, with his fraudulent, amoral ways recognises a kindred spirit and when the two join forces the stage is set for passion, intrigue – and finally murder, vengeance and karmic payback.

The Francesca de Cortes Series

Cloak of Decency, the first book in the Francesca de Cortes trilogy, introduces the dangerously seductive Marquesa de Cortes who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Cleverly playing one character off against another, with increasingly devastating consequences, she finally finds happiness, but will it last?